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We'll help you win new customers and keep your current ones.
Armed with decades of experience and a hands-on, dig-deep approach, we’ll work with you to create a personal brand identity, distinctive marketing programs, and implementation strategies that will capture attention and distinguish you from the crowd. 

“Organized and diligent, Marcia is one of the most professional women I have met.  She sets targets, meets them and knows what she is doing."


 ~ Isabel Miller

Executive Director

Saint's Place

My two favotite questions.
'How can we make this better?'
 'How can we get this done?'  
Marcia Gyles
Growing up professionally during the tech revolution, working in the financial industry on new product development,  I acquired a broad knowledge-base 
on what steps are required to bring a product to market and how to complete those steps accurately and successfully.  
Combining 25 years of experience in IT and Marketing with a proven record of identifying and analyzing business opportunities and obstacles enables me to immediately help your company make sound implementation strategies and decisions. I know how to identify and solve roadblocks and how to manage the intricate details that must be in place to ensure a successful, on schedule product or system launch.  
If given an opportunity to work with your company, I promise that I will work as hard as you do towards your goals, because your company's success is as personal to me as it is to you.
Hi,  I am a problem solver whose passion is to solve business problems. I know there is a solution, sometimes it's not easy and sometimes it's not apparent, but there is a solution.  
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